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Remove duplication of theme files in xpi


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MakeMyDay gave me a list from build/mozilla/toolkit/mozapps/installer/ with duplicate files in all three platform directories.
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This patch moves the duplicate files to the shared directory in XPI. I touched only the css files which are the same on all three platforms. Files which are the same in only two platforms are not touched because mostly it is because OS X has different styles.

I also leaved the PNG untouched because they are for the invitation and will probably be in near future removed or changed with the itip refresh.

I also removed calendar/resources/ because this look never to be touched. I tested this with changing to nonexistant files and never got a error. I tried the same with the file at the same position and it seems it's also never used. I leaved it there because it's a file for the new build system and I don't know enough if this can really be deleted. If it's used it seems for me not up to date because Linux is not respected in this file.

Or should I remove also this file?
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Thanks for digging into this.

f+ only, because I'm not sure about removing calendar/resources/ Did you build with that patch?

Philipp, are there any objections to remove the
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Nope, fine with me. r=philipp
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Updated the reviewer in commit message

Philipp, do we want this also in 4.7 for ESR?

And what about the calendar/resources/, does this need any cleanup? The DEFINES['THEME'] is missing Linux but it seems still working on Linux. Should this be removed, because not used,  or Linux added?

I set checkin-needed. can be fixed in a new bug.
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This is not a user visible change, just some backend cleanup, right? In that case I don't think we need to backport this.
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Bug 1230991 - Move common files from platform directories to common. r=Fallen
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