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Windows 7
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Build ID: 20151029151421

Steps to reproduce:

(Firefox 42.0 in Windows 7)

Open a window with and specify width, height, top and left specs.
Example:"/", "title", "width=500, height=200, top=50, left=100", false);

Example in (popups need to be allowed)

Actual results:

The properties of the popup window do not match the specifications passed to

I get: innerWidth 546 innerHeight 218 outerWidth 561 outerHeight 294 screenX 109 screenY 54

Expected results:

The properties of the popup window match the specifications, which is actually the case when you open the jsfiddle above in Google Chrome. It reports: innerWidth 500 innerHeight 200 outerWidth 510 outerHeight 260 screenX 100 screenY 50
OS: Unspecified → Windows 7
Hardware: Unspecified → x86_64
Component: Widget: Win32 → Widget
Version: 42 Branch → Trunk
Component: Widget → DOM: Core & HTML
Whiteboard: [DUPEME]
I suspect I understand where this problem is in our code, but I want to be sure.

Reporter - are you able to reproduce if the window is in the "restored" state (so not maximized)? If you can't, but you can reproduce when maximized, then I understand how this bug works and can describe it here.
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(Tested in Firefox 47.0.1)
(Assuming you mean that the invoking window should be in restored state, not the popup itself)

The restored/maximized state did not make any difference but the overall firefox configuration appears to play a role:

In a firefox started with a new profile I just created, running this jsfiddle reports:
  innerWidth 497 innerHeight 198 outerWidth 511 outerHeight 259 screenX 98 screenY 49
But this does not change with the restored/maximized state, nor does it when having multiple windows opened in different states.

Disabling all plugins in my normal profile did make a small difference to the original bug report:
  innerWidth 546 innerHeight 218 outerWidth 561 outerHeight 279 screenX 108 screenY 54
Still no change if invoking it in a restored or maximized window.
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