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Make kFlagsTable use 64-bit fields


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[sorry, accidentally hit 'enter' when typing summary. I wish I could disable bugzilla's "submit" behavior when I do that]

Bug 1230701 added the 1<<30 flag bit to nsCSSProps' kFlagsTable.

We have 1 bit left (1u << 30), after which we'll need to increase the size of the flag fields in kFlagsTable to 64-bits if we want to add any more flags.
Summary: Make kFlagsTable → Make kFlagsTable use 64-bit fields
Attached patch fix v1Splinter Review
(We don't need to take this patch quite yet, but we may need to do so soon.)
(BTW: I filed this because I initially misread a build warning about a flag that I'm adding in bug 1208344, with value 1<<31. Turns out that flag value (for the highest-order bit) is basically-fine & doesn't need this bug, but to avoid a build warning, I just needed to specify the flag value as 1u<<31 (with a "u") or else the compiler complains about storing -infinity in a _u_int32.

After that bit is added, though, we'll need this bug (to increase the number of bits) if we want any more flags.
No longer depends on: 1230701
Severity: normal → S3
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