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Save to disk the list of slow add-ons


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Attaching a first, untested, version, as a base for conversation.

I realize that I failed to describe the reason for this bug. I filed this bug after discussing with Gregg of the best API that self-support could use to help users get rid of slow add-ons.
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Things move fast :)  I will be happy and eager to consume slow / (otherwise bad) addons as part of SHEILD.  

How will people get this list back?  Is it going to telemetry?  API?
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This looks like a good start. I don't know who/how this data will be consumed, so it's a bit uncommon to save data to the profile like this, but I suppose you have good reasons for that.

Two things I'd like to comment: 

1 - It looks unecessary to wait until shutdown to write this data to disk. This will just add a delay to shutdown, when the data could have been pre-emptively written while the session is running.  You could use the DeferredSave module that can automatically handle cases like this (it will batch writes if they're too frequent, and guarantee that during shutdown the file will be flushed if it hasn't been yet).

2 - Let's think in the worst-case scenario, what will be the frequency and the file size of this file. It's important to remember that the people who are probably affected by the worst cases will also be the ones with slower CPUs, slower hard drives, etc.., so trying to save the data can have a cascading effect that makes things even worse. Just some food for thought.
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about:performance is being redesigned; mass closing the bugs related to parts of the current about:performance page that we are not keeping.

Our goals with the redesign are to reduce the overhead caused by having the page opened, increase the reliability of the displayed information, and make the offered information actionable for most users. The back-end work is being tracked in bug 1419681.
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