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Intermittent browser_async_window_flushing.js | We should not have added the window to the closed windows array - Got 1, expected 0


(Firefox :: Session Restore, defect)

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Firefox 47
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firefox45 --- wontfix
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Mike, possibly related to your recent sessionstore work?
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(In reply to Ryan VanderMeulen [:RyanVM] from comment #7)
> Mike, possibly related to your recent sessionstore work?

Definitely, yes. I'll see if I can give this some time this weekend.
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Oh cripes, I think I've figured this one out.

The thing that's supposed to listen for the TIMEOUT_DISABLED_PREF change in content-sessionStore.js doesn't work - it's comparing the pref string to topic, when it should compare it to data:

Luckily, that pref is just used for testing code.

Anyhow, this explains why this is intermittent - usually the test works quickly enough such that the message queue doesn't get flushed by the timer in the child, but periodically things line up just right so that the timer goes off in the right pocket of time, and blam.

Patch coming up.
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MozReview Request: Bug 1231422 - Fix busted pref observer for browser.sessionstore.debug.no_auto_updates. r?billm

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Apparently that's not all of the problem.
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Depends on: 1245212
Pretty sure I've figured this one out for real this time - see bug 1245212, and this try build:
And just in time, this has put on a burst of speed lately and is very close to being the top failure.
Bug 1245212 just landed on fx-team. Let's see if this goes away now.
Looks like not :(
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Here's the good news:

Bug 1245212 seems to have fixed the orange on mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound (and since the recent uplift, I would wager it's had an impact on mozilla-aurora for the past few days).

If you look at the time that bug 1245212 landed, and when it was merged into mozilla-inbound after having landed in fx-team, you can see an immediate drop-off in occurrences.

The problem is that bug 1245212 was never uplifted to the aurora at the time (which is currently at beta).

So we will continue to see this orange on beta, release and esr45 until bug 1245212 gets merged in.

RyanVM: According to the tree rules, I can uplift fixes without requesting approval if they're test only using a=test-only... however, the code I'm touching here is _not_ within a test. It's just code that the test uses. Should I request approval for it then? And I suppose I should also do this for esr45?
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If the code is only used by tests, I think a=test-only is fine. If it's used in shipping code as well, you should probably request formal approval. Thanks!
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The patch in Bug 1245212 just landed for ESR 45 and beta, so this should be gone once and for all.
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