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Mozilla eats up CPU


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(Keywords: crash, perf, testcase)


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Something about this page is making Mozilla peg the CPU.
confirming using build 2002020103 on Win2k.
OS -> All.
This is because of background images (guess they use alpha as they're png-based)
defined in semblance.css:

html {
  background-image: url("fade-to-gnome.png");
body {
  background-image: url("fade-to-grid.png");

Loading site without these images make it work fine (CPU remains at 10 to 0%).

Dupe of bug 96633, bug 90198 ?
Keywords: perf
OS: Linux → All
I'm seeing the same behavior on build 2002020208 PC/Linux.
We spend most of that CPU time inside:

510   48.6%     nsImageGTK::DrawComposited32
153   14.6%     readv
152   14.5%     gdk_rgb_convert_0888

on Linux.
Assignee: asa → kmcclusk
Component: Browser-General → Compositor
QA Contact: doronr → petersen
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla1.1
Bulk moving Mozilla1.2 bugs to future-P2. I will pull from this list when
scheduling post Mozilla1.0 work.
Priority: -- → P2
Target Milestone: mozilla1.1 → Future
Bulk moving Mozilla1.1 bugs to future-P2. I will pull from this list when
scheduling post Mozilla1.0 work.
Using build 2002041903 on win-xp,1.1ghz,512RAM,32MB GeForce2 Go the site is 
unusable (mouse-cursor is hog & jumps around when moving)

Same on Windows 2000 and Mac OS 9, changing Platform to All.
Hardware: PC → All
I've observed loading this page precipitating a crash; though I haven't been
able to nail down the precise circumstances under which the crash will occur.
Severity: major → critical
Keywords: crash
could patch for bug 143046 help a little (eventhough it doesn't seem to affect
PNGs) ?
This is weird... A week ago I did have problems loading this page, but today
(1/14/03)it loads like a charm on all platforms (Linux, Win XP and MacOS9)using
the 1/08/09 Trunk builds. I wonder if this is not a networking/server problem,
because the page, even with remote URLs, loads quickly as a test case. See
attached testcase.
Keywords: testcase
Attached file testcase (obsolete) —
Yes, I changed the page. I'll work up a testcase.
Carine: What are you testing in your testcase? This is an image compositor bug.
Attached image First sample image.
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Please don't zip test cases.
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