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The "Leave feedback" form gets displayed at the end of every call


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The "Leave feedback" form gets displayed at the end of every call.
This is wrong, per bug 1171415 this form should be only displayed at the end of the first call and then every 6 months.
Note: this bug applies to FF43 release


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For info this is still happening (Mac OS 10.10.4)
Looking into more details this is weird:
- At the end of the first call on a given room I get a small Hello logo in the feedback form
- At the end of the second call on a given room I get a large Hello logo in the feedback form
- All calls after that on a given room will have a small Hello logo

Screenshots of what I call "small Hello logo" and "large Hello logo" attached.
Attached image Small Hello logo
Attached image Large Hello logo
User Story: (updated)
This is happening on all release channels now including release, therefore messing-up the NPS reporting data. Can you guys please let me know if a fix could be uplifted to Beta? (I assume no chance to get an uplift to release for this)
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Im currently working on the fix for this, as for an uplift, Im not sure I have an answer for that.
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Hey RT, Standard8 and I were unable to replicate this bug in our environments... What are these preferences currently set to?

Is dateLastSeenSec getting updated when you view the feedback view?
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Hi David, here are my parameters:
feedback.dateLastSeenSec: 1450340058 (then got updated to 1450340170 when I next saw the feedback view)
feedback.periodSec: 0

When trying with another profile the issue goes away. Apologies this very likely is related to the fact I played with preferences to test some stuff. I'll close this now as INVALID. Thanks for the investigation!
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\o/ /me relieved!
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