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Remove AutoCairoPixmanBugWorkaround


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AutoCairoPixmanBugWorkaround (added in bug 364968) doesn't seem to be necessary
any more.
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Remove AutoCairoPixmanBugWorkaround

I'm not familiar with AutoCairoPixmanBugWorkaround -- Jeff should be able to say whether it's safe to remove..
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Continuing the discussion from bug 364968...

> > Oh wait, I think the code you added to fix this ended up being modified into
> > AutoCairoPixmanBugWorkaround? But if I remove AutoCairoPixmanBugWorkaround
> > the test seems to work fine, so maybe it can now be removed...
> Is the work around being triggered if you leave it in?

I can trigger it (i.e. reach the end of AutoCairoPixmanBugWorkaround and set |mPushed| to true) in these two tests:


But as the try server results from comment 1 indicate, these tests pass even when AutoCairoPixmanBugWorkaround is removed. So AFAICT the bug being worked around no longer exists in Cairo. (Or those tests don't correctly test for the bug; hopefully that's not the case, though it's hard to tell for sure.)

What do you think?
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Remove AutoCairoPixmanBugWorkaround

Review of attachment 8697487 [details] [diff] [review]:

Let's give it a try. We can always back it out.
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The previous patch in this bug removed two calls to CurrentSurface(), leaving
only one, and that one doesn't need the dx and dy arguments.
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