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Mac OS X 10.11.2
Firefox Developer Edition 44.0a2 (2015-12-09)

When I click the "Show in Finder" it opens an empty folder which is at the wrong path for my profile.

I expect I'm probably going to get told "live with it or manually upgrade it" because I know it's a result of the default profile location path being changed many many many Firefox releases ago and I've been using the same profile forever. But I figured I'd report it anyway just in case it's something random not related to the age of the profile.

When I click the button, it opens ~/Library/Firefox/Profiles/default
My profile is actually located at ~/Library/Firefox/Profiles/default/{randomstring}.slt

The {randomstring}.slt has its hidden attribute set, which means by opening its parent directory and not itself, I can't see it.  If the profile folders are still typically created with the hidden attribute set, and we're opening the enclosing folder and highlighting the profile folder when that button is clicked, then this would likely affect anyone's profile on Mac, since the profile folder itself is not visible to highlight in the enclosing folder.
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