Interactive feature causes failing jobs to be marked successful



2 years ago
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2 years ago
we need to exit with non zero on a failure, but upon failure we exit with 0!

this is when calls and then does a curl and gets a 404.

Our .sh scripts need to have better error handling.

Comment 1

2 years ago
Besides fixing the test jobs, should we make the build fail?

6:54:24     INFO -  Notification center failed: Install the python dbus module to get a notification when the build finishes.
16:54:24    ERROR - Return code: 2
16:54:24  WARNING - setting return code to 2
16:54:24    FATAL - 'mach build' did not run successfully. Please check log for errors.
16:54:24    FATAL - Running post_fatal callback...
16:54:24    FATAL - Exiting -1
16:54:24     INFO - Running post-action listener: influxdb_recording_post_action
16:54:24     INFO - Running post-action listener: record_mach_stats
16:54:24     INFO - No build_resources.json found, not logging stats
16:54:24     INFO - Running post-run listener: _summarize
16:54:24    ERROR - # TBPL FAILURE #
16:54:24     INFO - #####
16:54:24     INFO - ##### FxDesktopBuild summary:
16:54:24     INFO - #####
16:54:24    ERROR - # TBPL FAILURE #
+ cleanup
+ '[' -n 58 ']'
+ kill 58
[taskcluster] === Task Finished ===
[taskcluster] Artifact "public/build" not found at "/home/worker/artifacts/"
[taskcluster] Successful task run with exit code: 0 completed in 1711.082 seconds
I suspect that the script itself exited with 1 -- if not, then we would never have seen an orange test run!

As you suggested in irc, a good guess is that something in the wrapper used by --interactive did not properly carry forward the exit status.
Component: General → Docker-Worker
Duplicate of this bug: 1232387
Summary: when we fail to download, the job finishes and turns GREEN → Interactive feature causes failing jobs to be marked successful

Comment 4

2 years ago
What eveidence do we have that it is related?

I've got some oranges on a --interactive push:

Comment 5

2 years ago
all those oranges are 3600 second timeouts.
Probably an issue with our wrapper script... I'll take a look tomorrow...
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Component: Docker-Worker → Worker
I'll remove my own ni, as I clearly didn't take a look.
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