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Modify Spark telemetry to allow for python notebook analysis of addonHistograms


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Hi Roberto,

This is what we talked about how addonHistograms needs to be included in the types of histograms that can be analyzed.  IIRC, it was already including keyedHistograms, but not addonHistograms.


Please provide for testing purposes a set of filters for get_pings which return a RDD with submissions that contain histograms within addonHistograms.
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Hi Roberto,

Thank you again for the *huge* tip on pings.filter!

Here is what I did in my iPython notebook to get a rdd with a submission with an addonHistogram:

pings = get_pings(sc, app="FirefoxOS", channel="default", submission_date="20151217", doc_type="OTHER", schema="v4")

pings = pings.filter(lambda p: p.get("id") == "0b69d27e-ed66-466c-9930-7556183f7b9b")


Here is partial of what prints out after pings.first:

u'payload': {u'addonHistograms': {u'CONTACTS': {u'DEVTOOLS_HUD_CUSTOM_TELEMETRY-GAIA-CONTACTS-IMPORT-GMAIL': {u'bucket_count': 3,
     u'histogram_type': 4,
     u'range': [1, 2],
     u'sum': 1,
     u'sum_squares_hi': 0,
     u'sum_squares_lo': 1,
     u'values': {u'0': 1, u'1': 0}}}},
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Hi Roberto,

Just following up to see if there is anything else needed from us on this one?

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Our current implementation requires a histogram definition file, like e.g. Histograms.json, to return a pandas Series given a json description of a histogram. Where can the definitions of those histograms be found?

In the meantime you should use the raw json descriptions of the histograms.
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Hello Tamara, do you have what you need?
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(In reply to Tamara Hills [:thills] from comment #2)
> pings = get_pings(sc, app="FirefoxOS", channel="default",
> submission_date="20151217", doc_type="OTHER", schema="v4")

Shouldn't we get those pings out of the "OTHER" bucket (see doc_type)?
Mark, did we already have a bug on this?
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Hi, just to update, I had a conversation with rvitillo and he suggested that I try and use the pandas series for this.  So, I'm currently working on this.  He did suggest that I reach out to mreid about getting the change to so that we can graph the addonHistograms.
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I've filed a separate bug for splitting these docs out of "OTHER"
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