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Build ID: 20151208100201

Steps to reproduce:

Updated to Firefox 43.
(Windows 8 64-bit in Samsung laptop NP300E5E-A01US, Intel i3-3227U @1.9GHz 4GB Intel HD Graphics 4000 1366x768pixels 1px=1dot 500GB drive)

Actual results:

After I updated, scrolling through a webpage, e.g., this page, is not smooth any more.  It was smooth with Firefox 42, it was smooth with Firefox 43 beta 9!  It is smooth with Firefox Developer Edition 44 (and Nightly 46).  It is not smooth with the update (it was not with the release candidate).

Expected results:

Scrolling quality should not degrade with an upgrade!!!!!!
One of the reasons why I preferred Mozilla over the popular alternative is that scrolling was smooth (better graphics!).  Why imitate a bad alternative!
I may soon set the last beta (9) as the regular browser (although I often use Nightly).  I pity those who encounter my bad experience and do not figure they can do that.  I expect whatever fumble happened gets corrected soon.

Comment 1

2 years ago
After using the new Firefox 43 for a bit longer I found an inconsistency with the ugly scrolling behavior:  Scrolling becomes smooth when I enter full screen mode (pressing F11).  I am sure this detail will give a clue to find what may have gone wrong.

Comment 2

2 years ago
Did you test with a fresh profile?

Comment 3

2 years ago
A fresh profile made the symptom disappear like an aspirin would put down a fever.  The same happened with I "Tried Safe Mode."  I did more thorough testing.
My system had the following extensions active:
  ADB Helper               Ageless
  BetterPrivacy            ChatZilla
  Dictionary Extension     DOM Inspector
  Element Inspector        Flash and Video Download
  S3.Google Translator     Stylish
  uBlock Origin            Valence
I tried running with e10s disabled in the following versions of Firefox:
  41.0.2                42.0
  43.0b9                43.0
  44.0a2 (2015-12-14)   46.0a1 (2015-12-16)
This is what I found:
 * The performance of smooth scrolling was not clear in versions 43.0b9, 43.0, 44.0a2.  
 * Enabling e10s solved the issue for 43.0b9 and 44.0a2.
 * Disabling "S3.Google Translator" solved the issue in every case.  Disabling other extensions instead of that one did not an effect (but I was not totally exhaustive).
 * Activating full screen (F11) solved the issue but only if I had a particular "style" enabled (for "Stylish"), namely "Floating Full Screen Toolbox" (see  I wrote that "style" some time ago so the toolbox would cover the top of the view port and not shift the content down.

Comment 4

2 years ago

After checking the "S3.Google Translator" page at AMO, I found the extension stopped working properly about the same time that Firefox updated, so the extension was due for update.  I wrote a review about that extension and shortly after I got an email with a reply announcing the update.  The extension works fine now and I scrolling is smooth.

Sorry about the rant and thank you for setting me on the right track.

Loic is now one of my heroes!


I am still learning patience, it takes a while.


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