Requesting twig repo cypress be reset



3 years ago
3 years ago


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Please run the below script and reset cypress to mozilla-central. We will use this as our development branch for FlyWeb until it's ready to be merged into mozilla-central.

export REPO_PATH=mozilla-central
export TWIG=cypress

cd /repo/hg/scripts/
./ -s /repo/hg/mozilla/$REPO_PATH -r tip -d $TWIG
Also, when this is done, it would be great if you could ask #releng to prod the buildbot scheduler
...hrm, I see cypress was already requested by :jcramner (although admittedly didn't update the wiki page) a while back in Bug 1222301

I also see some "disposeable" branches booked since 2013, and 2012 (oak and pine respectively) as well as some other old ones.

I'm going to n-i hal, joshua and jonas on this to help them all figure out if there is a way to meet all needs here somehow. (and so we don't stomp on each other by doing both cypress bugs at once)
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I'm happy to grab any other repository. It just looked available in the wiki so that's why I grabbed it.
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Please update the wiki with the other info though. That way i can reach out to other repository renters and bug them.
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There are 2 issues here as I see it:
 a) are more twigs needed (no, since bug closed, usually a capacity issue for releng
 b) how do we avoid perennial wiki-rot for this classic tragedy-of-the-commons[1] situation? Bug 1233165 opened to address that.

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