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Allow clipboardData.clearData() and clipboardData.setData during onpaste event


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Steps to reproduce:

1. Got RTF of the clipboard during an onpaste event (clipboardData.getData('text/rtf'))
2. Converted the rtf into custom html.
3. Tried to clear the clipboard (clipboardData.clearData()).
4. Tried to put html on the clipboard (clipboardData.setData('text/html', clipboardHtml)).

Actual results:

NoModificationAllowedError: Modifications are not allowed for this document

Expected results:

I wanted to clear the clipboard and put custom html made from the RTF on it so that the custom html would paste into contenteditable html.

If you look at Bug 938991 - text/rtf support for clipboard data, it opens up nice opportunities, but without allowing clearData and setData during the onpaste event, the user experience becomes complicated with extra steps (1 -paste gets rtf and converts to html, 2 - copy to clear clipboard and put custom html on it, 3 - paste the custom html).


See Also: → 1246194
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