Need a system to test patches on Aurora/beta before uplift requests



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3 years ago
Typically one could use try pushes on m-c to test while developing, but this seems harder for the Aurora/Beta trees, which are especially important to test before uplift requests.

I asked around but couldn't get a straight answer.

- jmaher helped me push* a patch to those branches and the build fails on both (_probably_ not due to an issue with the patch itself). He mentioned it might fail.

- catlee didn't know of any such procedure.

- KWierso said to apply a patch similar to this** but it's still not guaranteed to work, and that we don't really have a system for this.

Since uplifts do happen, possibly even more frequently than we'd like, I think it would be very helpful and also quite important to have a setup/system/something which could help test uplifts before issuing an uplift request. I'd even say it should be mandatory before uplift requests, but that's not for me to decide.


:catlee, can you find someone to own this?  right now we have no reliable way to test patches on anything but m-c.  Even if we had a set of directions/patches to work with it would be a big help.
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We had discussing with Marco and Calixte about that too.
Knowing that a patch applies correctly to the branches as soon as it is submitted (?) for uplift would be a huge improvements for sheriffs and release management
The script we use to do the merge are all in-tree:

I don't think we do much else other than adjusting version numbers and locales.

As for job scheduling and build configuration - the right place to fix this is all in taskcluster's in-tree configs. We're not quite ready for that yet since so much of aurora and beta are still done in buildbot, but we're getting close.
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