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Steps to reproduce:

I have observed that if I delete records from the Thunderbird (38.4.0) AddressBook, these deletes seems not to be updated in LibreOffice Base. I am using LibreOffice with Ubuntu 14.04, but have experienced the same with Windows 7. 

By looking at the content of the in ./thunderbird, deleted records are still there, but are not shown when retrieving the addresses directly from Thunderbird.

If I export the AddressBook from Thunderbird to a ldif file, delete and import the ldif file, the records are correct. I guess that there is some issue in how Thunderbird stores the data in and how LibreOffice reads it.

Actual results:

When an address or phone number is updated in the Address Book of Thunderbird, it is updated as well in LibreOffice Base (after closing Thunderbird and opening Base). This is not the case with the deleted records that remain.

Expected results:

When a record is deleted from the Address Book of Thunderbird, I guess that it should be removed from the and this does not seem to be the case.
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