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3 years ago
We discussed this at Mozlando.

Firefox Dev Tools contains almost half the strings and more than half the words to translate in Firefox. These are usually complex and technical and require technical skills to do and represent a burden for the smaller localization teams.

It would be nice to have Dev Tools as a separate project so that teams can focus on the quality of Firefox itself first.

This is relevant mostly on the tool side: Pootle and Pontoon.

Can we also prioritize this, if other locales are on board?
This is a not a bug in the Romanian localization, it's also pretty much invisible without CC ;-)

What you're suggesting is to have a "Devtools" project for /devtools separated from Firefox?

I'm not completely sure how much this is actionable, since Firefox still needs /devtools. That would probably be a very different thing with devtools as a completely separated add-on.
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3 years ago
At least some ad-hoc method of separating the strings to be translated between Firefox and Devtools, so this could be just work done on the tools side (Pootle/Pontoon) and not on Firefox itself. Devtools would still be there for the locales that don't translate it, just in English.
mlo already defines a goal for just devtools.

A project-wide separation is a project that's good to do, but not a simple or straightforward one.

Moving over to infra.
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