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AMO entry point for search plugins has very poor search results



3 years ago
3 years ago


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3 years ago
The entry point from Firefox search to AMO has very poor usability, in that by default it offers many things which aren't search plugins and don't do what I actually want.

* search for "Bournemouth, United Kingom" using yahoo. There is no map option. Click the "Maps" link and there still is no map. Get fed up. This is a common problem.
* Go to search engines to use a map-specific search plugin, probably google maps. There isn't one pre-installed.
* Go to "Change Search Settings" to find one, click the "Add more search engines..." link
* search for "map"

* top results are extensions (not search plugins) which don't add something to the search box, but instead add various context-menu mapping options. I had to install a few to figure this out because the search results aren't clear about what kind of thing it is. 

* Google maps and perhaps some other map search engines would show up as the top search results. Openstreetmap maybe?

* Let me try the search engine from AMO before installing it, so I can see what kind of results it provides!

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3 years ago
I know that Markus and Kev are thinking about discovery for add-ons, this might also be the case for search plugins, so cc'ing them both.


3 years ago
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