Drag and drop of IMAP message which is too long/big for ISP does not warn user of failure



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Steps to reproduce:

I copied a complete map to a submap of the INBOX of an IMAP account, in order to upload the contents of that map to the IMAP server.  One or two of the many messages in that map were to long to be sent via that ISP (my provider accepts mails up to 20MB).  If such msg is "created" and "sent", then a msg from the IMAP server is returned that states that the msg is to long and is not forwarded to the destinee. 

Actual results:

The upload to the server was interrupted as soon as TB tried to upload a "to long" msg to the server.  No info was provided to the user.

For more info, pls see "http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=2975153&e=0"

Expected results:

When TB detects that the ISP does not accept a msg that was not "created" and "sent", but that was loaded manually into a subfolder of the IMAP INBOX, then TB should display an error message that includes the foldername and message title of the message that could not be processed, so that the user sees why and when TB has stopped uploading.
was the error something like bug 263821?
If not, can you cite some of the exact wording please?
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Summary: IMAP message to long no msg to user → IMAP message too long. No msg to user
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Comment 2

3 years ago
What I found may have a reason similar to bug 263821, but I cannot judge that because bug 263821 seems to relate to internal TB functions, and I do not have sufficient knowledge about the internals of TB (I don't know what "Fetch and Store" are used for).

More observations:

When I "create" a new message, and attach a long attachment, then the "to be sent" message becomes longer than the maximum messagelength that my ISP will handle.  When I "send" such message, then TB displays an error message "The size of the message you are trying to send exceeds the global size limit (20971520 bytes) of the server. The message was not sent; reduce the message size and try again.  OK".  Because I see this message, I know that my message was not sent as I intended to do and can take appropriate action.

"My" problem occurs not when I "send" such long message, but when I "copy" (drag and drop) a complete folder from "local folders", with many messages in it, to a subfolder of the inbox of an IMAP account.  If in the "source" folder there are messages that are to long for my ISP to handle, w.o.w. if they are longer than the maximum messagelength that is accepted by my ISP ((20971520 bytes), then the "copying" seems to abnormally terminate without giving any message to the user.

When such long message exists in the folder that I try to "copy" to a subfolder of the INBOX, then TB seems to, while copying, replicate the "copied" folder to the IMAP server.  When the ISP mailserver encounters such "long" message, it probably refuses it (probably it returns an error message to TB?) but TB does not give any error indication to the user.  And because the user does not see any error indication, he probably assumes that everything was executed fine, while in reality only part of the source folder (only the messages that were "uploaded" before the error occured) was uploaded to the mailserver (and will, in a later stage, be replicated to another IMAP Email client).
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Summary: IMAP message too long. No msg to user → Drag and drop of IMAP message which is too long/big for ISP does not warn user of failure
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