Intermittent TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | apps/communications/contacts/test/marionette/search_test.js



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2 years ago
6 months ago


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When I disable the retry logic in bug 1222215, I see this test failing in two different ways. It seems that lib/contacts_data.js createMozContact can timeout when waiting for the contact idea. The strange thing is, I don't see this happening on any other test and I know at least 4 other tests use this function. For now I'm going to disable this test so that it doesn't block bug 1222215, and we can investigate that timeout here.

TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | apps/communications/contacts/test/marionette/search_test.js | Contacts > Search Search Mode Can enter and exit search mode
Error: timeout exceeded!
    at Object.Client.waitForSync (node_modules/marionette-client/lib/marionette/client.js:760:16)
    at Object.Client.waitFor (node_modules/marionette-client/lib/marionette/client.js:726:60)
    at Object.ContactsData.createMozContact (apps/communications/contacts/test/marionette/lib/contacts_data.js:118:17)
    at Context.<anonymous> (apps/communications/contacts/test/marionette/search_test.js:37:20)
    at (node_modules/marionette-js-runner/lib/ui.js:25:31)
disabled in master:

Comment 2

6 months ago
Closing all intermittent test failures for Firefox OS (since we're not focusing on it anymore).

Please reopen if my search included your bug by mistake.
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