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Steps to reproduce:

Lastly I installed the beta version of the Vivaldi browser. When I load a page it shows a progress bar in the url bar. On the right hand side it also displays the already loaded and the entire page size.

Actual results:

I think, this information was present in Firefox long ago, too. Sadly I couldn’t find any information about why the progress bar and loading size was dismissed. Was it, to make Firefox seem faster? Was it due problems with the animation timing? Was it, because the “cool” Chrome did it this way? Was it, to make the ui simpler, slicker, easier to use for newbies?

Expected results:

What I find great about this feature in Vivaldi is, that it really gives you a feeling for page size. I visited a page last week and was horrified to see that it started with 300 kB but then sprung to over 10 MB in total size. It spells out: Not the browser or my internet connection is slow but the page itself.

Making the page size visible helps to remind everyone on the web how we are wasting bandwidth (with scripts, plugins, advertising). This could encourage us to make websites smaller and faster.

BTW: The article inspired me to file this bug.

Comment 1

3 years ago
Firefox never displayed an estimate of the page download size.

The tendency has been to simplify the UI, not render it more complex. Therefore this feature is almost certainly not going to be implemented, especially considering there are add-ons that do this.
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Summary: Show page size more prominently while loading → Show page size while loading
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Comment 2

3 years ago
Thanks for the link to the add-on. Unfortunately it doesn’t do what this bug is about. It only shows the size of the HTML (like the native page information you’ll get with CTRL+I). I’ve edited the title on this bug to make it more clear.

But I see, that it generally isn’t conceived as an additional benefit if Firefox would provide the amount of data loaded. I thought it would be more than useful, especially on mobile.
Summary: Show page size while loading → Show amount of downloaded data while page is loading
We have no plans to do this in Firefox, but but it seems like a reasonable idea for a web extension especially now that we have web extensions coming on mobile.
Last Resolved: 2 years ago
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