Creating and standardize a "Desktop overlay" and "Desktop shortcut" API for the web



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Steps to reproduce:

I wanted to create a web chat using desktop overlays ( to show information, camera when it matters, name of the current speaker, etc.) and system wide (keyboard) shortcuts.

Actual results:

I have no access to any web sandboxed API to create a desktop overlay and system wide shortcuts

Expected results:

Applications like or or are typically using desktop overlays in order to provide their services over integrated or not integrated games.

As a user, I do not like installing applications anymore, the browser is offering me a lot more control, and avoids rootkits, viruses, spyware, etc.

As a developer, I would like to be able to make next generation chat system, like a mix of discord, mumble, slack and steam simply available from a website, not requiring a client or add-on, while having 100% of what is possible with the current desktop versions, with more security (and privacy) for the user.

It's easier for us, developer, and looks very much like something Mozilla can do to make the web a better platform for games and for work (a real good chat system, with text, voice, video, overlay, desktop/window sharing, shortcut, etc. is actually great for working remotely).

Mozilla is already working with some game makers, so I guess it makes a lot of sense to go further, no ?


3 years ago
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What kind of API would you like?
What do you mean by "desktop overlays"?


8 months ago
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