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Migrate more hashtable users to GC-aware versions, including those needing rekeying


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Bug 1225298 went into the previous release cycle, so opening a new bug for the remaining landings.
I still don't have everything working, but one big chunk is the things that required rekeying. This patch makes a GCRekeyableHashMap for those so I can land them in advance of any future rekeying removal.
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Implement GCRekeyableHashMap

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Note to anyone suspicious: the patches landing here are attached and marked r+ in bug 1225298.

Next time I'm going to use a constellation of separate bugs.
This is the bug I wanted to use.

This is now a very minimal refactoring change to make it look more like GCHashSet without actually using GCHashSet (which I hope wouldn't compile at this point, since no zero-arg needsSweep is defined for RegExpShared so set_->sweep() can't be defined.)

Totally optional at this point. Pretty much irrelevant, since it'll be scrapped either way if we make RegExpShared into a gc thing.
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Use GCHashSet for RegExpShared sweeping

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I like it.

::: js/src/vm/RegExpObject.cpp
@@ +828,5 @@
>              e.removeFront();
>          }
>      }
>      if (matchResultTemplateObject_ &&

Just noticed that !set_.initialized() implies !matchResultTemplateObject_. Is it worth asserting this relation.
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Resolution: FIXED → ---
Attached patch Rekey ArrayObjectTable (obsolete) — Splinter Review
As mentioned on IRC, this table still needs rekeying.
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Rekey ArrayObjectTable

Gah. Wrong patch from wrong terminal.
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Ok, let's try this again.
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Rekey ArrayObjectTable

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