There should be a way to move an event from one timezone to another



3 years ago
3 years ago


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3 years ago
If you change timezone in the event dialog, the time changes. If you wanted to make an event in a non-default timezone, you'd have to start with the timezone, but it is at the end of the row. There should be a way to change an event's timezone without the time changing to match.
Changing the timezone in the event dialog does not change the time when the event starts or ends. The event will start and end on the same point in time as before. Only the displayed time changes because the displayed time depends on the timezone. For example 19:00 Europe/Berlin, 18:00 Europe/London, and America/Denver specify the very same point in time.

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3 years ago
I understand that but I want the opposite behaviour somehow. If I create an event at 0800 in Pacific/Auckland, then realise it should be 0800 in Europe/London, I have to change everything, (including the date) to correct it.
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