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Turn off ClosingService


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firefox44 --- fixed
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ClosingService is doing PR_Close on a separate thread, because of some shutdown crashes that we have.

But it seems to be incompatible with some dll-s so we are removing it - bug 1233237.
Turning off ClosingService fix the problem from bug 1233237:

This bug it is just going to turn it of so that it is not used and we want to uplift this to aurora an beta.
Assignee: nobody → dd.mozilla
Blocks: 1233237
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::: netwerk/base/ClosingService.cpp
@@ +121,5 @@
>  // static
>  nsresult
>  ClosingService::AttachIOLayer(PRFileDesc *aFd)
>  {
> +  return NS_OK;

comment please :)
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[Feature/regressing bug #]: Bug 1152046
[User impact if declined]: Crash with certain LSP - bug 1233237, . We are not sure if LSP are thread safe so we want to remove ClosingService completely(bug 1238017). This bug is just going to turn ClosingService off.
[Describe test coverage new/current, TreeHerder]: One reporter could reproduce it reliably and he tested a version with ClosingService removed:
[Risks and why]: Low - we just early return from a function (we just do not attache an additional layer to sockets so ClosingService will never be called).
[String/UUID change made/needed]: none
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DavidFR, HCT: You were able to repro the crash in bug 1233237 (comment 44 and 39). Could you please verify the crash is gone with the latest Nightly build (it has a fix)? 

Your verification will be very valuable in helping us decide whether the fix works and to include it in our upcoming Fx44 release. Thanks!
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This will help fix shutdown hangs. As stability fixes do meet the Beta44 uplift criteria and the fix is a one-liner, I am taking it in Beta44, Aurora45.
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Thanks for your work !
The last Nightly build is fixed :-) Internet work and firefox don't crash
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