Newly created folders are not displayed in folder pane



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Steps to reproduce:

I have created new folders and subfolders.  I know they are created because if I try to create a second one with the same name, I am notified that a folder with the same name already exists.  However, the new folders aren't displayed in the folder list.  Also, some old folders are not displayed, including Sent and Deleted.  There are several hundred emails that I need to keep that are unavailable to me at present.

Actual results:

I have not, as far as I know, had anything to do with Maildir.  I've only just come across mention of it, but from the description of its fallibility and buginess I wonder if it could explain the disappearance of the folders.

I have read many articles on a variety of forums, and tried some of the suggested fixes, but without success.

Expected results:

All folders should be displayed.

I don't know if you would call losing data a security issue, but it's pretty catastrophic.


3 years ago
Summary: Folders not displayed → Newly created folders are not displayed in folder pane

Comment 1

3 years ago
Also some older folders not displayed, including Sent and Deleted.

Comment 2

3 years ago
The folders missing from the display can still be found as mbox files in .../AppData/Roaming/Thunderbird/Profiles/8e3uepuh.default.  Re-installing Thunderbird makes no difference.
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