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Setup requirements for packaging to use pypi when run externally and use a different mechanism when run by buildbot/jenkins/taskcluster


(Testing Graveyard :: external-media-tests, defect)

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The topic does not really reflect the goal of it as we discussed in the vidyo chat. The problem right now is the github repository. Once tests are run via the test package and the github repo is deleted, you want a requirements config for all in-tree packages under testing/configs/. This would ensure that everything gets installed from the test package and not by a mixture from test package and PyPI.
Blocks: 1238648
Just to make sure we're clear on this: The current version of in m-c is set up to skip downloading test packages (, which causes it to grab dependencies from pypi (so in-tree marionette-* is not used) [1,2]. This behaviour is introduced by bug 1230279. 

This is fine for now, because buildbot checks out an old media-tests commit from the github repo.

This is fixed. The buildbot mozharness script uses mozilla-central/testing/config/external-media-tests-requirements.txt.
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