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Audit nsFrameLoader / TabParent for mozbrowser frames on desktop




2 years ago
2 years ago


(Reporter: jryans, Assigned: jryans)


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In bug 1238160, we are exploring allowing mozbrowser frames (or something similar) to be used as an alternative to <xul:browser> on desktop.

billm says someone should audit the frameloader/TabParent code to make sure everything works the way we expect on e10s.

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2 years ago
:billm, who would be able to do such an audit?
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I think it would be fine for you to do it as long as you understand the meaning of all the TabContext stuff. That's mostly what I'm worried about.
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2 years ago
I've completed my audit of the code paths surrounding nsFrameLoader and TabContext.  I also investigated various Principal, DocShell, and TabContext APIs related to whether things are browser elements, apps, and what their OriginAttributes are, as these are all related to the "non-isolated" <iframe mozbrowser> mode discussed in bug 1238160.

The audit has my notes on all these APIs:


For enabling <iframe mozbrowser> as it is today, I found no issues on the desktop side, so I'll proceed with enabling that plus tests to ensure it's not exposed to content.

As for the new non-isolated mode, there are various changes needed across various APIs.  I'll describe my plan for this in more detail in bug 1238160.
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Last Resolved: 2 years ago
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