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Steps to reproduce:

When linking back to a specific location on a page, Mozilla fails to properly position itself over the id. For example.  If I am say on a "course description" page on my site, but want to go back to  see the "course list" page , which is located on the previous page halfway down, I am using an anchor tag with an id selector that looks something like this. 

<a href="course-list.html#courses">Course List</a> 

Actual results:

On every other browser, it will locate itself to that page and position the screen directly over the id, but with mozilla, it still goes back to the page but positions itself a full screen width too high, basically directly over the id above it. 

Expected results:

What am I doing wrong, how to I get it to properly target the ID I want, but not cause incompatibility with other browsers in the process.

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3 years ago
Can you provide a example page or testcase?
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3 years ago
It's on a site that I am building, I will have to make a sample mockup to provide a more detailed example.
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3 years ago
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We're waiting for the mockup/test case so we can move forward investigating this issue.
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Yes. We need to have a webpage/ test page to check the issue. It is difficult to imagine the scenario and check if the bug really pops up. [testday-20160205]

Comment 5

3 years ago
Hello cyanideandhtml,

Thank you for reporting this problem.

In addition to the mockup page it would be very helpful if you could: 

1. Include a 2 screenshots, one showing the incorrect pointer position with Firefox and one showing the correct pointer positioning with your other web browser. 
2. Provide information concerning the version of Firefox you are using. You can find this by moving your mouse to the menu bar and clicking  Help --> About Firefox --> 

Thank you.
Due to lack of additional information to help us advance on this bug, setting the status to resolved incomplete.
Last Resolved: 3 years ago
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