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"error C2065: 'NS_UNCONSTRAINEDSIZE' : undeclared identifier" nsWindow.cpp bustage with --disable-accessibility


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(1 file, 1 obsolete file)

mozilla-central/widget/windows/nsWindow.cpp(1427) : error C2065: 'NS_UNCONSTRAINEDSIZE' : undeclared identifier
mozilla-central/widget/windows/nsWindow.cpp(1430) : error C2065: 'NS_UNCONSTRAINEDSIZE' : undeclared identifier
mozilla-central/widget/windows/nsWindow.cpp(1433) : error C2065: 'NS_UNCONSTRAINEDSIZE' : undeclared identifier
mozilla-central/widget/windows/nsWindow.cpp(1436) : error C2065: 'NS_UNCONSTRAINEDSIZE' : undeclared identifier

I think the reason is that nsIFrame.h is where NS_UNCONSTRAINEDSIZE is defined, but it isn't directly included. Looks like it's included indirectly via mozilla/a11y/DocAccessible.h, which of course then breaks when a11y is disabled.

I've confirmed that adding the nsIFrame.h #include directly to nsWindow.cpp fixes it locally.
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Adding a nsIFrame.h dependency here seems like it goes in the wrong direction.
I'd really like to avoid that if we can.

Looking at the widget code that uses NS_UNCONSTRAINEDSIZE:
that seems wrong given that the SizeConstraints members are LayoutDeviceIntSize:
I don't think NS_UNCONSTRAINEDSIZE is meant to be used with anything other than
app units (nscoord).  As you can see from the ctor above, the members are initialized
to NS_MAXSIZE which is defined in gfx/src/nsSize.h.  (nsIFrame.h simply makes
NS_UNCONSTRAINEDSIZE a synonym for that).

So I think we should instead replace NS_UNCONSTRAINEDSIZE with NS_MAXSIZE here.
Does that make it compile without the added #include?
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Yep, that works too.
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replace NS_UNCONSTRAINEDSIZE with NS_MAXSIZE in windows/nsWidget.cpp

r=mats (assuming that you also revert the previous patch)
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Yeah, that's better - thanks Mats.
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Backed out of aurora-46, see bug 890156 comment 168. Bumping target milestone to 47.
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