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on alerts page of perfherder, there is a link to the jobs, this should filter by talos


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actually this should filter on framework as we could have AWSY, AWFY, Autophone stuff.
One complication is that :gbrown's mochitest-browser-chrome android memory test sets its framework `AWSY`, but has a different job signature from the other AWSY jobs. Options that I can see:

1. Have a bunch of client-side mappings from framework->jobs in ui/js/values.js
2. Hardcode the string in the framework fixture
3. Track which jobs are submitting to which frameworks on the server end (either periodically or dynamically) and send that back to the client.

(1) and (2) are probably about the same, and about equally hacky. I'd probably do (1) just because it's simpler. I don't have a fully fleshed out concept of how to do (3), but I'll bet it's a bunch more effort.
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