The instructions for building a mozharness command line are tedious and error prone



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It would be nice if we just printed the correct command line in the logs or if there was a tool that took a log and produced the correct command lines for running on the test slaves or locally.
I won't be able to look at it for a bit but I will get to it.
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2 years ago
Unless something has changed, one of the first lines in the log should be the command line used to run the job.  So that should be easy to get.

Did you mean a command line for the same job, but disabling some production-specific flags?
For testing locally we need to add it to the output.

In bug 1240613 I discovered that we need to use --test-packages/test_packages.json instead of --test-url/zip_file.

Probably a regression from the test_packages.json work.
I believe there is a better way to solve this problem than this proposal, but it is likely still a while out from landing and working for all jobs, so I don't want to WONTFIX this just yet.

But basically, the new workflow would be:
1) Click the one-step loaner button 
2) Run a command like "./resume-task" or similar from the browser-based taskcluster shell

Buildbot jobs can be included in this workflow once they are at least scheduled via taskcluster in bug 1243759.
My quarters have been solid full of deliverabls and have not managed to make this a priority.
Might as well leave it unassigned and let triaging deal with it.

I'm very sorry Jeff I could not take care of this before heading out for parental leave.
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6 months ago
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