Non-relevant search engines shipped with Firefox GA:ie. Plus recommended relevant replacements.



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Steps to reproduce:,, and are all shipped as default search engines with Firefox GA:ie. While eBay and Yahoo are catering to the ie market with sites other than these sites, Amazon are not.
While reviewing this, I suggest adding "" and "" as default search engines shipped with Mozilla Firefox in place of and at the very least. The two recommended Dictionary sites are very relevant to the Irish community, where the (numerically) the largest part of the community uses the language in professional and educational settings.

Actual results:

I tried adding these search engines myself, and the + symbol was not available. Irrespective of this, the search engines I have recommended are more relevant to the Irish community than search engines aimed at another locale and country.

Expected results:

That the following appear in the default search engines appear in Settings / Roghanna > Search / Cuardaigh > ___
"" as ""
"" as ""

These changes should be applied to both Desktop and Mobile versions of Firefox.


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This is the list of searchplugins currently shipping on desktop for ga-IE

To be honest I'm concerned about having 3 dictionaries shipping as default. We could also do a bit of evangelization and convince these sites to expose a searchplugin, so that users can add them, if they want, when visiting the website.

Note that, to add a new provider, we'll need to get in touch with them and get an authorization (and eventual additional parameters). It also need to be verified if it's technically possible to create one.

Comment 2

3 years ago
Just to clarify: is the national terminology database, contains older dictionaries and grammar info, and is the new modern Irish dictionary; their uses are quite different. This won't snowball, nor will there be any need to change / remove them as these are authoritative national projects.

Normally I would understand exactly where you're coming from when you say you don't want to ship 3 dictionaries, but Irish genuinely is a special case. The numerical majority of Irish users are, as I said, in the education system or working with the language. If Firefox could be shown to be very education friendly or edu-supportive, it would make it a lot easier for me to make a case to the Department of Education for every PC-image going into schools to include Ff GA:ie, as well as it going into the universities. At present, the only way this happens is when an individual (teacher or parent) in the school has the time, rights, know-how to add the localized versions of Ff.
Speaking from my own experience, I can assure you that this is not a trivial request to add the 'dictionary de jour' to the default search engines. We (a group of researchers and academics) are developing a digital plan for Irish at present, and it has come up time and again how important ease of access is for learners.

Embeddable search-widgets have been developed for focloir and tearma, and the teanglann one is incoming. Both teanglann and focloir are managed by the same body, An Gúm, and I know for a fact there will be no problem with complying with any of Mozilla's needs. I'm happy to help and facilitate the authorization with An Gúm and assist them with any possible formating, etc. to make it technically possible.
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