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[UX] Design Downloads Panel item for downloads that can be unblocked


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47.1 - Feb 8
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Some time ago we defined a design in bug 1053890 for different types blocked downloads displayed in the Downloads Panel.

To facilitate the implementation in bug 1198181, we should use this bug to better identify the latest version of the design just for the portions that are in scope for the feature we're implementing in the short term.
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Priority: -- → P2
See Also: → 1053890
Whiteboard: [fxprivacy] → [fxprivacy] [ux]
One concrete suggestion for change to what is specified in bug 1053890 is about the uncommon downloaded files category. Adam suggested that we should be making it much easier to unblock compared to the other categories. Here is his reasoning:

"According to bug 1053890 comment 51, the incidence of UNCOMMON files blocked is going to be on the order of 2% of all downloads, which is pretty high. It would be nice to know the exact numbers for false positives in this 2%, but I'm not sure it would make a big difference regarding my recommendation.

Here's why: those false positives are going to negatively impact small and independent developers disproportionately. The nature of UNCOMMON handling means that broadly downloaded files are going to have a negligible number of their downloads blocked by this mechanism. On the other hand, the impact on small and independent developers will be proportionally much larger, potentially precluding a launch by hours or days until they reach Chrome's threshold and receive a green light from Google (after what I assume is a manual review?).

In a way, this is congruent with the issues posed by net neutrality: automatically blocking makes small participants less equal. Without equal access for decentralized participation in the open web, we end up concentrating power in the hands of larger companies, to the detriment of smaller ones. That makes sense if you're trying to concentrate the world's information in a single organization. It's an anti-goal if you're trying to keep the web an open, decentralized public resource."

After some discussion we agreed to propose the following changes to page 22 of

- we keep the warning icon to call attention to the event
- we change the text to: "The file you just tried to download is not a commonly downloaded file. While this is sometimes okay, it might mean that the file contains malicious code that could harm your computer. Use caution when opening this file."
- we keep a single button with a drop-down menu
- main button: "Download anyway"
- submenu: "Keep me safe", "Don't show me this alert again" (per page 7 of the spec)
- we don't show the confirmation modal in page 24 of the spec for UNCOMMON files

One additional suggestion was:

"I'd also suggest that an UNCOMMON download that has been blocked can be unblocked from the download history with a single click. Looking at page 25 of that same spec: I would propose that it presents something like a download arrow that causes the file to be unblocked/downloaded instead of a trashcan. I think this is particularly necessary due to the fragility of  doorhangers."
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Hi Sevaan, are the specifications/assets in place to mark this UX bug as complete?
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Yes, I believe so.


Exclamation Icon for Badges -
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Block Badge -
Red: #D92215
Yellow: #FFBF00
Panel Spec:
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Iteration: --- → 47.1 - Feb 8
Closed: 4 years ago
Priority: P2 → P1
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