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Improve ranges at loop backedges


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A long time ago I saw that we have some non-specific ranges on MPhi's in a loop. Now I finally found out why. For memory optimization we don't compute the Range of a MPhi if one of ranges of the operands is unknown.

When still doing this for phi's that have a backedge we get:

I[-2147483648 {#22}, 2147483647 {[loop] +999999999}] : Int32

Instead of the less precise:

F[? {#22}, ? {[loop] +999999999}] (U NaN U -Infinity U Infinity U -0) : Int32
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I am not sure to see where is the issue, would you have a test case where this matter?

From what I understand, the MPhi still has an Int32 type, and even if we do not attach a Range information, the type is still used to filter out ranges which cannot be represented, see Range::Range(const MDefinition*) [1].

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> function test() {
>   for (var i=0; i<1000000000; i++) { }
> }
> test();
Is the reason why this is not needed in most cases. But for an MPhi that has a backedge this makes a difference. That is why I see the types mentioned in comment 0.
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Like you said on irc, we are using the phi->range() somewhere. Here for the symbolic range analysis. We need a 'range()' that we can alter during the analysis, but we just take an empty range, instead of the output range. That is the reason we see the less precise range.
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Good catch!
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