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2 years ago
It would be helpful for people who don't have build environments (UX, product) to still have easy access to the XPI.

There is one technique described here: https://gist.github.com/domenic/ec8b0fc8ab45f39403dd

Travis documents something I don't 100% understand: https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/deployment/releases

And here's something that is a bit more manual: https://gist.github.com/vinceallenvince/a7611b10f84e61eebdcc
If we do this, then I think that we must supply an update mechanism for the xpis. Even if they are "nightly" or "hourly" builds, I don't really want to get in a situation where someone's installed something old and forget about it.

Either that, or we have some sort of kill-uninstall-self switch.

I was originally thinking that we could have nightly builds - Have something which combines the latest source with the latest l10n code and then upload it to AMO on the developer channel. This would give us the second part of the infrastructure "free".

The limitation is that I believe AMO doesn't quite allow uploads just yet.

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2 years ago
I was just intending this for people on the team, with the understanding that they use it responsibly.

It's going to be awkward anyway, as you'll have to download the XPI and then use File > Open to actually install it.  So I don't think the masses would ever happen upon it.

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2 years ago
I would guess these are plain zip/xpi that aren't signed, so it would be limited to nightly/aurora users.

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2 years ago
New plan: we are doing continuous updating of the standalone dev server on loop-dev.stage.mozaws.net; as part of that we should also build the xpi.  We don't have to publicly link to the XPI and we don't have to get the content-type right, just get the built version up and we'll write instructions on how to install it elsewhere.  (Those instructions should include the content on https://wiki.mozilla.org/CloudServices/Loop/Deploy#Dev)
Summary: Have Travis build and upload xpis → Have standalone dev server build xpis
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