A Report Summarizing the State of Hardware Configurations of FF Client Population



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Hello! We in Games Platform are looking to provide to the public a report of the hardware being used by FF (Release) users.


To get a CSV updated monthly containing metrics from the fields listed in Column D of this spreadsheet:


- We're hoping to get this by 02/26/2016 to show developers at this year's Game Developers Conference (http://www.gdconf.com/).
- Client-level measurements that are representative of our target population (Release version)
- Update period: monthly
- Output to CSV

Georg, can you confirm that the fields in the Google spreadsheet are available in Release's data set? The fields highlighted purple we believe are not available yet and can be ignored for this bug. Thanks much!
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Sorry for the long turn-around Anthony.
I went through it now, they all are present in current release (all of the "environment" measurements [0] are).
There are some "desktop only" caveats etc. though.

For "GPU Series" its better to check in with the gfx team on whether we can get this out of our data (dvander?).

0: http://gecko.readthedocs.org/en/latest/toolkit/components/telemetry/telemetry/environment.html
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Is this already on a road map for someone to define & implement the data output or is the request for it?
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Thanks for your patience. I'm not sure I understand the question but I think it's more the former. This is a request for someone to pull these values out of release specifically for the web games platform website being built for the Game Developers Conference in March.

After that my plan was to focus on the visual representation of it next (will likely put a lot of that on the external web agency building the site).

Does that provide any clarity? Thanks for your help and patience with me on this new (to me) process!
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Yes, thanks. I think kparlante & rweiss would talk about this today.
Heads-up flag for Katie to make sure its not lost.
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2 years ago
The measurement team won't be able to prioritize this report this quarter. The data should be mostly there if someone has the cycles to run a spark job.
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PR: https://github.com/mozilla/firefox-hardware-survey/pull/1

The notebook was eventually merged, so closing this bug. There are other bugs opened to add other fields and validate the notebook. Feel free to reopen in case it's needed.
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