very long documents and cursor/mouse position not in sync, e.g. while selecting text




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When I search for text in a failing job on treeherder and then select some lines to copy and paste them in a bug report, sometimes selecting shows that I selected different lines, usually 1-2 lines off from that had been shown before.

evilpie mentioned he sees that often on
Tried and failed to reproduce on a treeherder log or the link. Probably will need some more info to get this fixed.

e10s or non-e10s? Or both? Anything else that might help.
What channels do you see this on? I wonder if it's related to bug 1242690.
CCing evilpies and khuey who both have said that they see similar things. Maybe they can provide more details like browser version, e10s status and steps to reproduce. I encountered it on 43.0.4 (so no e10s) on Windows 8.1 and will post in this bug when I see the issue again.
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I've seen it on nightly on large hgweb pages.  It's hard to reproduce though.  I also have not been using e10s, on Windows 10.
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Ok, not related to bug 1242690 then.
I can't actually reproduce right now. :/ I will keep this bug in mind though.
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screenshot of issue

I can reproduce in 47.0a1 20160128 and 44.0 on Windows 8.1 64 bit with the following log:
1. Open the log.
2. Use Find As You Type and type "unexpected-fail".
3. Start a selection with the line "TEST-START" some lines above and at the start of the line and drag the selection downwards.
Hmm, the screenshot looks like a painting issue, not an event coordinate issue. I couldn't reproduce FWIW.
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I can reproduce this by force-reloading (CTRL + F5) and selecting text. (Might have to try a few times)
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