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I have a feature request and am submitting the idea here.  I can add implementation details later.

Currently in the user preferences on the Mac platform, the "App Icon" can be set to display:

a) count of unread messages  OR
b) count of new messages

To be clear "messages" really only means "Inbox messages".  So another way of stating the app icon preference:

a) count of unread Inbox messages  OR
b) count of new Inbox messages

These semantics are only true if "mail.notification.count.inbox_only == true" which is the default.

However, if "mail.notification.count.inbox_only == false" then the semantics change to include all the folders in the account (which includes the Inbox.)

a) count of all unread messages  OR
b) count of all new messages

So what is my feature request?  The ability to have the app icon display the message count for the Inbox and Favorite folders.  The Inbox folder is too limiting and every folder is excessive.

Why?  For example, I filter out Jenkins build emails to a subfolder as I rarely need to read them.  But other subfolders I do care about.  This option lets me choose which folders to display the unread count in the dock icon.

The wonderful addon Firetray (
https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/addon/firetray/) provided this ability to limit unread messages to just the Favorite folders.  

Unfortunately it doesn't work on the Mac and I believe there needs to be code changes to support this feature request on the Mac.

In conclusion, I simply want to add a Favorite folders option to the badge app icon display.

A basic app icon preferences design to incorporate this change:

Badge app icon with:
(radiobox) Count of unread messages
(radiobox) Count of new messages

Message counts include:
(dropdown) Inbox folder (default)
(dropdown) Inbox and Favorite folders
(dropdown) All folders

I would be happy to attempt to develop, test and submit he code changes.

Comments welcome.


3 years ago
Severity: normal → enhancement
OS: Unspecified → Mac OS X
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