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Add webkit-prefixed aliases for CSS Mask Image properties ("-webkit-mask-image" and associated properties)


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Filing this bug as a placeholder to cover support for CSS Mask Image properties
So far, I think we're only aware of one site that depends on them -- Google's mobile results page, and there, *only* if we spoof a mobile webkit-based User Agent string:

ChromeStatus shows that "-webkit-mask-image" has 7.8% usage, though for all we know, authors might also be tending to provide standards-based fallback alongside it:

Also, MS Edge does not support "mask-image" or "-webkit-mask-image" at this point.

So, we should probably hold off on supporting the prefixed form of this property for the time being, until we've gotten better data on how much the web requires it.
Fixed in bug686281.
webkit prefix alias support for mask-image property is covered in bug686281(0007-Bug-686281-Mask-CSS-webkit-alias-r-dbaron.patch) and controlled by pref "layout.css.prefixes.webkit" as well. The default value is false.
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OK, thanks!

(Specifically, this was just fixed in this cset from bug 686281: )
I don't have a solid understanding of how the standard version maps to the prefixed version, but exists to figure that out, and document it as such.
I think we might need to do a few tweaks to this set of aliases based on I've got more testing (and learning to do), but will file follow up bugs + patches if that turns out to be the case.
Ah, looking more closely -- I thought we had left out the -webkit-mask-box-image-* -> mask-border-* aliases, but we don't support that yet. 

877294 should be the bug for that work, I think (need to update title + old spec link)
Spec commit

(-webkit-mask-source-type alias was removed in a follow up commit).
See Also: → 1245997
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