Changing text style to "italic" cannot be reversed



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Steps to reproduce:

While writing a message I highlighted a piece of text, then clicked on Format --> Text Style --> Italic to italicize it. I then wanted to change part of it back to normal text, so I highlighted that part and clicked on format --> Text Style --> Italic to toggle it back to normal text style. (I am running Thunderbird on a Windows 10 desktop machine. When I click on "About Thunderbird", the release number that appears is 38.5.1, and it says "Thunderbird is up to date.")

Actual results:

The highlighted portion of the text remained in Italic.  

Expected results:

The highlighted portion of the text should have toggled back from Italic to normal text. That is what happens when i go through the same process with "Bold" or "Underline" text styles, for example.

Comment 1

11 months ago
Are you seeing this also in version 45?
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Comment 2

9 months ago
I'm not Gomer, but yes. I'm seeing it in 45.7.0
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