we should monitor that long living server processes to make sure they don't go away



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We have things like the AWS Provisioner which have long living processes that ought not to disappear.  We should use something like Deadman's Snitch to make sure that emails are generated when a one of these long living processes disappears.  Things like the s3-copy-proxy and the cloud-mirror should have these alerts set up.
What do we have where this is missing?
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(In reply to Jonas Finnemann Jensen (:jonasfj) from comment #1)
> What do we have where this is missing?

My understanding is that we can use SignalFX for this now?  I'm not sure if we're intending to continue using dead man's snitch or not.
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Comment 3

4 months ago
We have data within signalfx and alerts from deadman snitch.  John, is there more you wanted to setup with this bug?
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only one service that I'm aware of uses deadman's snitch.  The reason for this bug was to have something like deadman's snitch more widely deployed.
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