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Use standard license boilerplate in debugger js files


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Not set


(firefox47 fixed)

Firefox 47
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firefox47 --- fixed


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See Bug 1241947
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This patch updates the license block in the debugger js files.

I skipped the code_* files because line numbers from those were hardcoded in tests.

Here's a try push that just runs the devtools tests on Linux. Let me know if I should run a full one.
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Attached patch Bug1243243.patchSplinter Review
:jryans pointed out that tests should be public domain, so updated the patch.

new try push:
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Sorry, I thought we were removing the emacs/vim mode lines? Nobody said they actually used them and several people said they'd be fine if they were removed.
What I said in the meeting is "We can have that fight later". They are currently in the header because Mozilla Code Standard says they should be there.

My goal is to make everything consistent. Once it's consistent, it will be a lot easier to change what our default is.
Ok. This looks like more than half the files, and if so maybe the initial consistency should be just removing it (majority wins) :) But this is fine with me.
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Yeah, I did notice that debugger was more internally consistent than others. The style seems to vary between components, with each component having its own 2 or 3 styles. In webconsole, there were a lot of files that just had the vim line, but not the emacs line. 

Thanks for the review :)
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