Convert our schema files to draft-04 of the JSON schema spec and update our validator

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The main difference I can see is in how object properties are handled. In particular, we'll need to remove uses of "optional" from our schemas and instead add a "required" array at the object level.
It looks like the default value of "additionalProperties" being {} will be a serious issue as well. We'll have to add "additionalProperties": false to all our object types that don't already have an "additionalProperties" property.


2 years ago
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2 years ago
will block nativeJS when we do that
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I think I'm going to wind up writing a script to do most of this.

I've been thinking about writing a utility to find the source locations of JSON paths for a while, and these changes would involve pretty much the same logic.

I'm not sure how soon I'll get around to this, so I'm assigning the bug to myself mostly so no-one decides to waste time doing it manually. That said, if someone *wants* to waste time doing it manually, feel free to take the bug.
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a year ago
Any movement here?
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I'm currently importing them into the addons-linter with a script that updates the format. What are you looking for exactly?

They might not be great for re-use in their current form but we plan on bringing them into addons-server as well.
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a year ago
I'm just looking for the addons-linter to be kept up-to-date with the capabilities from the m-c source of truth. This bug seems like it blocks, but if addons-linter is already being updated to match mozilla-central regardless of the m-c schema version, than my needs are met.
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The goal is to update the schemas on the way into addons-linter and then backport the reformatted files to mozilla-central at a later date.
addons-linter is now importing the schemas from Firefox and updating them to the JSON-schema spec [1].

This should be a good starting point for backporting the schemas to Firefox. Let me know if you want to work on this and we can discuss how the changes might affect Firefox's importing of the schemas.

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4 months ago
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