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screenshot of problem

Since upgrading to Firefox 44 on Fedora, Google Keep doesn't work. It loads slowly, with one core using ~50%, and as soon as I click on a note, I get a message (attached).

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3 years ago
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strace -p <firefoxpid> -ff -o

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3 years ago
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Entire contents of the console.

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3 years ago
This is not a Firefox regression. The problem is with NoScript, even when everything on the keep (and all other google) page is allowed to run scripts. If NoScript is completely disabled or removed, Keep always works fine (CPU hog though). If it's enabled, but allows scripts to run, Keep always fails, with the reload problem.

Curiously the identical error message always happens (whether NoScript is enabled or not) with the Google Keep Addon, so it seems fundamentally broken at the moment.


3 years ago
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3 years ago
Giorgio, is this something you can look into?
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(In reply to :Gijs Kruitbosch from comment #4)
> Giorgio, is this something you can look into?

I'll do ASAP, thanks for putting me in the loop.
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Giorgio, is there any progress on this bug ? I just keep running into this problem on aurora(51) and beta(50) on macOS with super high cpu usage taken from FF. On beta(non-e10s), it even frozen everything so that I need to force quit FF to restart. With e10s, basically all other tabs page are frozen too and hardly to do anything.
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Firefox 49.0.1 (stable) and 51.0a2 Firefox-dev  / Aurora.

I did try, both on my regular profile (49.0.1) and on a clean profile (51.0a2) with just NoScript installed, the following:
1. Open (nothing needed to be allowed in NoScript, as and are both in the default whitelist; I've also tried adding, which is not needed, later in a second round to exclude this as a culprit).
2. Login with a Google account
3. Click on all the default notes (they get magnified)
4. Click on the widget inside the notes, both in the minified and in the magnified state (e.g. changing the color or even attaching an image)
5. Create 3 new notes and repeat the same routine with them

Unfortunately I did not manage to reproduce this issue: I did not get any error message from the web application, neither noticed a particular CPU overload :(
Furthermore, looking into the console, I've found the same JavaScript messages attached here (especially "Empty string passed to getElementById()"), but then I disabled NoScript and restarted the browser, and those messages were still being emitted.

Astley, have you got any specific steps to reproduce it, or did you try looking for an extensions conflict?, are you still able to reproduce?
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2 years ago
I'm not using NoScript anymore these days, just Privacy Badger and uBlock and with those the problem doesn't happen.
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It appears to me a content related issue so that I can just reproduce the problem on my work account but personal account. It's reproducible with clean profile either. Could you let me know what kind of info is required for further debugging ? And the instructions to generate them. Thanks.
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Sorry for the bug spam, and happy Friday!
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