Saved Search: subfolders are not de/selected for collapsed folders in picklist



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Steps to reproduce:

SavedSearch: deselecting a folder that contains subfolders in the pop-up window with title "Edit saved search properties".

Actual results:

Subfolders are not deselected. This happens if the subfolders are expanded as well as if they are not expanded.

Expected results:

Two cases:

1) If subfolders are collapsed, then the folder selection should be hierarchical and select/unselect the entire sub-tree.

2) If subfolders are expanded, then the current behavior is what I would expect.

With this bug, customizing the folders to be searched for can be close to impossible in case the folder structure contains many subfolders. At present this requires clicking your way down through each subfolder, and subfolder and so forth.

A further enhancement to the UI would be to show whether a folder contains other selected sub folders. An icon could be added that shows a full, half, of outlined square.

The AddOn solves a small part of this issue only.

I had submitted on the subject.
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