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In Open-Xchange, missing events cause NVDA's virtual buffer to not update properly


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When bringing up the UI of the Open-XChange web application, initially we seem to be missing an event to bring NVDA's virtual buffer up to speed, requiring the user to update it manually with NVDA+F5. Once we're past this, further updates will happen properly.

I found this while working in my private mail provider's version of the Open-Xchange App Suite.

1. With NVDA and Firefox, go to either or
2. NVDA will go into auto-focus mode, with focus placed on the "User Name" input field.
3. The bug is already there now. Press Escape to get out of focus mode back into browse mode.
4. Arrow up and down.

Result: The virtual buffer is empty.

5. Press NVDA+F5 to refresh the buffer.

Result: Now, the page content is there.

Furthermore, if you log in, then close the tab, then reopen it, you're automatically forwarded to the Portal portion of that application. This page exhibits the same problem: When you go out of focus mode, the virtual buffer is empty, and you have to refresh it.

In both cases, after that initial manual refresh, all further events seem to be OK, and the virtual buffer keeps up. But this initial loading somehow does something that makes NVDA miss out on that accessibility tree.
This has been fixed by changes either by OX or us. No longer an issue.
Closed: 6 years ago
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