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Font for FULL WIDTH symbols is small in UI on OSX.


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firefox46 --- fixed
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After bug 1212731, font for FULL WIDTH DIGIT in UI gets small, looks like "Apple Symbols" is used, on OSX 10.10.5, with Japanese locale user setting.  It was "Hiragino Kaku Gothic" (maybe) before, and Safari also uses it.

Attached screenshot of Firefox nightly with clean profile, and safari.
it looks strange when FULL WIDTH DIGIT characters are mixed with other Japanese characters.
Whiteboard: [gfx-noted]
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noticed that it's not restricted to FULL WIDTH DIGIT, but most of (all?) FULL WIDTH symbols, except alphabet.
Summary: Font for FULL WIDTH DIGIT is small in UI on OSX. → Font for FULL WIDTH symbols is small in UI on OSX.
Ack, we're picking up full-width digits from Apple Symbols. So this is clearly not the same list used by Safari.
*sigh* As the system font cascade code seems to cause a startup regression of roughly 40ms and in this case it's causing regressions, I think it's best to pull this code out for now.
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patch, remove system font cascade for OSX

Review of attachment 8716184 [details] [diff] [review]:

We should investigate why Safari/WebKit works font linking well for system font after landing this.
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Note that mozilla46 (currently Beta) is still affected by this. In bug 1240407 comment 26, I'm proposing we should uplift this backout.
Noted, and the uplift in bug 1240407 is approved for beta 46.
Marking fixed on 46, as the backout in bug 1240407 has now landed there.
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