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I can't place the New Tab Button in its place - RTL


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Steps to reproduce:

Dragging the button

Actual results:

It can be placed only on the right instead of the left as expected for RTL

Expected results:

Place it on the Left side of the Tab
It happens also in clear profile.
Which localized version are you using (to test)?
As you can see in the image, Hebrew
I tested with the latest Nightly 47 for Hebrew (see and it works fine for me. In the Customizastion panel, I can place the "+" icon on the left or the right and its selected position is kept after closing the Customize menu.
Component: Untriaged → Toolbars and Customization
Thank you. I tested with nightly and it seems it works.
But I found 2 things I still didn't like:
1. When customizing, the + icon goes to the side, and does not stayed in its place. If a user wants to have a group of buttons in that side, and he wants to put the + button as the last one towards the tabs, he can't do that. The + button returns to the Tabs place. You may want to fix it with adding Flexible Space feature to Customiztion Panel.
2. The icon is changed if from + to Tab buttons. It depends if I put it in Tabs line or Menu line. IMO it should be the same icon. For changing the icon should be an Addon.
I have the same problem with Firefox Developer Edition 58.0b11
I moved the New Tab button, and now it doesn't seem possible to pin it back to the last open tab (blue arrow):
Restoring to defaults didn't help either.
Keywords: rtl
I'm using English locale, so it's not right-to-left for me. Should I file a separate bug?
See Also: → 1563455
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