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Disable devtools mochitests on mulet


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We don't need the devtools tests to run on mulet, so should probably have them turned off to save resources.

You can see the original discussion of this in Bug 1243777.
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Mmm, where are we running devtools tests on Mulet? I don't see anything other than five chunks of mochitest-plain.
Ah, apparently the answer is "we were running them on the twig named Fig, back when that twig existed, and the four steps in greening up tests for Mulet were 1. add a bunch of skip-ifs for every test suite, 2. add enough skip-ifs to get mochitest-plain working and turned on everywhere, 3. ???, 4. why is there all this underwear everywhere?"

So, I guess ask the people involved in bug 1027242 whether they are ever going to get back to it, or whether the much more likely and reasonable thing is true, that nobody ever will try to run devtools tests on Mulet and you can remove all the skip-ifs. Anyway, there's nothing to be saved by shutting them off because they aren't being run anywhere.
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Thanks for clearing that up :) I will commence removing the underwear from our browser.ini files.
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